Who owns What - May 2015

Date added: 08/04/2015
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Highlights from our latest Establishment Survey which is due for release in May 2015 show 93% of homes have a TV given a total Adults (15+) TV population of 3.4 million. 

The Lifestyle Study

Date added: 05/03/2015
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Once a year TAM Ireland carry out a lifestyle survey on the panel.This allows for deep dives into the behaviours  and attitudes of the TV audience so that they can be targeted  more effectively.Here are some top-line results which give a fascinating insight into the Irish TV viewers:All figures are based on Total TV viewing  National Adults 15+ Consolidated   Jan 2015

Who owns What - Jan 2015

Date added: 27/02/2015
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The Establishment Survey is conducted 3 times a year and gathers data on the size and nature of the TV market. Here are the lastest results from the survey.

Who owns What - Sept 2014

Date added: 16/09/2014
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The number of TV homes with 2 or more TV's is on the increase as is PVR ownership and HD subscriptions.

Lord David Puttnam - Speech to Room For a View - June 25th 2014

Date added: 01/07/2014
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Download the full speech here.  

Room For a View

Date added: 01/07/2014
File name: Room For A View.ppt
The deck from Tony Wearn and Jill McGrath's presentations. Includes highlights from the Colourtext Social/Search study. A sneak peak of the latest Watch and Buy.  Edited highlights of the Ipsos Total Viewing Study along with an update on measurement activiies in other markets and the launch of TAMVIsion.

Who has what - May 2014

Date added: 07/05/2014
File name: Who owns what May 2014.ppt
As more and more channels offer HD alternatives we can see a strong growth in the subscription to these services. TV Households with HD ready TV  who are subscribed to a HD service is up from 8% in May 2013 to 18% in May 2014

Who has what - Jan 2014

Date added: 27/02/2014
File name: Who owns what Jan 2014.ppt
An overview of findings from the latest establishment survey. 94% of households have a TV and there are almost 3.5 million adults in the TV viewing population.

Adland v TV viewers

Date added: 20/02/2014
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What makes people working in the advertising/media/marketing business stand out from the crowd? And in particular what makes them different to the average TV viewer.   150 people from the advertising/media/marketing industry told us about their lives – we call them “Adlanders” ……. Here’s what we found out……..  

The Future of Audience Research - Ivor Millman - full deck

Date added: 15/11/2013
File name: THE FUTURE OF AUDIENCE RESEARCH - Ivor Millman.ppt
 The Future Measurement group have been in learning mode recently and are gathering information from many different sources. These learnings included a  specially commissioned presentation from TV measurement expert Ivor Millman on where he saw the future of measurement. Here is the full presentation available to download.