TAM Ireland's Room for a View

Date: 21/08/2012 | Comments



Join us for TAM Ireland's Room for a View       

The Room         The Aviva Staduim
The View            Greg Dyke
The Date             Sept 20th
The Time             8am - 10am 
Here about some exciting new TAM Ireland initiatives and listen to Greg Dyke's view on the future of TV.
Greg Dyke, former Director General of the BBC will be giving us his vision of the future of TV in Ireland. Having spent time on the boards of Channel 4, ITN and BSkyB, he also served as Chairman of Channel 5, The Independent Television Association and GMTV. With a career that began at London Weekend Television, Greg has a vast range of experience in the broadcast arena. While at the BBC, he oversaw the launch of 4 new digital TV channels, launched the BBC's interactive television service and was instrumental in the creation of Freeview, the UK's free-to-air digital platform. 
We'd be delighted if you can join us. 
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