TAM Ireland Group Updates - August 2012

Date: 13/08/2012 | Comments

TAM Ireland has a number of working groups that ensure the constant development and improvement of the service. These groups meet monthly and here is what they are currently up to:

Technical Committee (TComm)
The upcoming digital switch over will bring dramatic change to the make up of the TV viewing audience over a very short period of time.  TAM Ireland pride ourselves in mirroring the TV viewing population in our reporting so it is a major priority for us that we continue to do this during this period of rapid change. To ensure our accuracy of reporting we will be conducting 4 waves of fieldwork from August through to November 2012 and we will be publishing numbers monthly from September 2012 . The Tcomm will be monitoring the execution of this very closely during this change.
8 Day Reporting –  Up until now for some channels consolidated programme data could be delivered up to 14 days after broadcast. We have just introduced 8 day reporting  to the service. This is a major improvement on the current system and again the Tcomm will be monitoring its delivery over the coming months
Communications Group:
We recently conducted a survey of our users to find out what they think of us and how we can improve our communications. This website is one of the innovations following this research and the communications group have worked tirelessly to get it launched for the busy autumn period.
Along side this the group are organising the inaugaural TAM Ireland presents series. This first event is called Watching Brief and the keynote speaker is  Greg Dyke – ex DG of the BBC. He will be presenting his view on the future of TV to the industry on Sept 20th – if you haven’t booked your place this event email us to secure your seat.
Future Measurement Development Group (FMDG)
The main focus of this group is to look at ways of measuring  viewing no matter where it takes place and no matter what device is used. This is an international issue and TAM Ireland are actively engaging with experts from around the world to ensure that we continue to deliver a world class service.  We expect to be able to make some exciting announcements shortly so watch this space!
Data Implementation group (DIG)
Attributions is an integral part of the TV advertising business – what ads went out when and where – this service along with all data links involved in the industry are being constantly fine-tuned by this group.  A greatly improved attributions service is being developed currently and we expect this to be delivered early next year. This will help to improve the accuracy of the attributions data which will be of benefit to the whole industry.
TAM Ireland Board:
Ultimately all of the recommendations by the groups go before the board who then debate the merits of these proposals and decide on their implementation. The board are very active and progressive and  we are working on some new initiatives that will be introduced early next year that we believe will benefit the broadcast advertising industry.