TV at the heart of Irish love affair with A/V content

Date: 30/08/2016 | Comments


Irish Television viewing measurement is internationally recognized Gold Standard research. It is based on actual viewing behavior by a nationally representative panel of viewers. Every day we capture the exact viewing of almost 2,500 Irish viewers across all age groups, geographic location, gender and social grade. No other media can deliver this level of research.

Television is the only medium that measures the actual viewing of ads and advertisers are only charged for ads that are viewed at normal speed. No other media can deliver that level of viewabilty measurement.

With TV advertising the advertisers gets what they pay for. If they want 70% of 25-34 yr olds to view their ad 4 times. That is what will be delivered and that is what they will be charged for.

Live TV continues to dominate viewing across all age groups and demos. This live TV viewing is driven by unmissable sport, news and current affairs content along with top quality dramas and soaps.

There is no doubt that TV consumption is changing – all media consumption is in a constant state of change. The broadcasters have adapted to cater for all audience needs on any screen but what hasn’t changed is the popularity of TV and the effectiveness of its advertising.

In the first 6 months of this year Irish Adults watched an average of 3 hours and 24 mins of TV each day – just over 3 hours of this viewing was to live TV with the remaining 21 mins being to time-shifted TV.

Young adults – 15-24 yrs viewed for almost 2 hours daily (113 mins) and 1 hour 40 mins (88%) of this viewing was to live TV with the remaining 12 mins being to Time-shifted.

In the most recent Total Viewing Study undertaken by IPSOS MRBI on behalf of TAM Ireland, it was found that TV is, by far, the most popular form of video – Live TV remains the key ingredient of the total viewing cake accounting for 72% of all video content viewed. When you include recorded TV this rises to 84%.   The shelf life of this TV content continues to extend through the range of formats and devices available to us. As expected viewing video on another device recorded an increase in 2016  now at 43 minutes per day, an increase of 7 minutes since 2015. Recorded TV and Short Form Video in particular, showed increases in 2016.

TV is the most popular form of video for young people too: 58% of 15-24 yr olds video time is spent watching TV

From an advertisers point of view this is all good news TV ads are only counted when they are viewed at normal speed. The advertiser knows that what is being paid for is being viewed and TV continues to be at the heart of the most effective advertising in Ireland.