Establishment Survey - Request for Proposals

Date: 20/08/2015 | Comments

Establishment Survey – Request for Proposals

TAM Ireland produces the official television ratings used by the television industry in Ireland. Viewing figures are obtained from a panel of homes that provide their viewing via electronic meters installed on each TV set.

A core part of the service is the Establishment Survey. The survey is responsible for providing a range of information on the ownership of television equipment within all households. The survey also provides statistics for ensuring the correct representation of the television panel as well as providing a pool of addresses from which to recruit and maintain the panel.

The survey is run to a very high standard, including random probability sampling, face-to-face interviewing and the expectation of a very high response rate to maximise the representativeness of the achieved sample. TAM Ireland is therefore looking for fieldwork companies with a proven track record in providing high quality, large-scale household surveys.

The Establishment Survey is conducted as a series of fieldwork waves across the year, each wave of equal sample and conducted similarly to facilitate the data aggregation of successive waves. Currently the survey is conducted in three discrete waves per year.

Costs are requested for each of three alternative annual sample sizes (7,000, 8,500, 10,500) conducted over three waves and for an average interview length of 10 minutes.

Costing variants are also requested for conducting the annual sample across two waves and for administering a shorter questionnaire with an average interview length of 7 minutes.

TAM Ireland is looking for a provider to operate the Establishment Survey for the period January 2016 to August 2018 and is inviting companies to provide tenders for this service.

A Research Specification outlining the requirements is available on request from TAM Ireland.

Please send requests, and direct any queries to: