Broadcaster Players add to total TV viewing

Date: 05/11/2014 | Comments
TAM Ireland recognises the importance of capturing viewing via devices other than the traditional TV set.  The first step in developing that understanding has been investing in a pilot to capture laptop and PC viewing.  An initial test panel of 60 homes, all of whom are currently part of the TAM panel, has been established using Nielsen’s Netsight meter.
Working closely with Nielsen on this project the pilot has just reached the phase where it is now possible to get a first glimpse at viewing to broadcaster players to understand the profile of this audience and the amount of time spent viewing online.
The data to date shows that, as expected, the biggest viewers to players online are the 15-24 year olds. These viewers tend to be from larger homes (4 or more people living in them) particularly those with children and with multiple sets,
The average time spent viewing by the pilot audience was 22 minutes per day during peak. The type of viewing is primarily “Catch-up” or time shift viewing with just a small portion of the viewing being to live TV.
These findings back up the findings of the “Total Viewing Study” that Ipsos MRBI carried out on behalf of TAM Ireland earlier this year. This found that people spend 230 mins spent daily on total viewing, with 193 minutes (84%)  being spent viewing  on a TV set (up 1 min on the previous study)  and 37 minutes (16%) spent viewing on another device (up 13 mins on the previous).
What is fascinating about this is that TV viewing time is unaffected and we are growing total viewing time with additional viewing on other devices. This is good news for broadcasters and advertisers alike as there are now more opportunities for the public to view.
The pilot will continue over the next number of months to help gain greater understanding of  this type of viewing.  TAM Ireland’s “TAM Vision” project aims to measure all viewing to all devices by 2017 and this is one of a number of big steps on the journey to achieving this ambition.