TV Ad Revenue exceeds €200 million in 2013

Date: 02/10/2014 | Comments

The total advertising spend on TV in 2013 was €206,228,762

For the first time in the history of the Irish advertising business the TV industry have released actual TV ad revenue figures. Up until now the ad industry has had to estimate total spend figures across all media. In 2013 the Television industry took the decision to publish actual total revenue figures to the market.

These figures, compiled by KPMG on behalf of TAM Ireland include Spot, sponsorship, product placement and AFP revenue.  

The total advertising market in Ireland is estimated to be worth in the region of €700m meaning that TV commands almost 30% of all ad spend in the Republic.

While it is generally believed that ad revenues declined by 3% last year, TV bucked this trend experiencing just a slight dip of 1% from 2012 – a very impressive result given the challenging economy.

This good news comes with the back drop of Ireland’s TV viewing continuing to enjoy impressive numbers - the average Irish adult views for 3 hours 25 mins every day. 91% of this viewing is to live (as broadcast) TV and 9% of viewing is timeshifted. (Jan-Aug 2014 Avg. mins viewed) and with Irish adults each seeing an average of 36 ads on TV everyday it’s no wonder the medium generates this level of revenue.

In the most recent Establishment Survey the ownership of 2 or more TV sets has increased for the first time since digital switch over and subscription to HD is also on the increase with 19% of homes now subscribing to this service.

The future looks bright for  TV in Ireland.