TAM Ireland to measure all viewing across all devices by 2017

Date: 25/06/2014 | Comments

TAM Ireland to measure all viewing across all devices by 2017

We Irish love our TV. According to official TAM Ireland figures from January to May this year, we have spent on average, 3 hours and 32 minutes watching TV every day. 3 hours and 14 minutes of that time was spent watching live TV, accounting for 92% of all viewing.

Earlier this year, TAM Ireland commissioned Ipsos MRBI to research total viewing across all devices and all formats. The principle finding was that viewers are adding to their TV set viewing by watching content on other devices, pushing our average daily viewing levels up to almost 4 hours a day.

TAM Ireland today launched TAMvision, outlining their plans to capture this additional viewing. The objective of TAMvision is to measure all forms of viewing across all devices by 2017.

The objective is ambitious, with timescales on a par with global leaders in this space and achieving the objective will require TAM Ireland to move in several directions at once.

TAM Ireland are currently piloting Extended Screen measurement which captures viewing on Laptops and PCs and we are working with the industry to develop tagging solutions to identify content no matter what device or platform is it viewed on.

In addition to current developments, we will be developing further conversations with platform providers to explore incorporating return-path data into audience measurement. On an ongoing basis, we will continue to keep up with and learn from International experiences.

As part of the launch David Lord Puttnam, Ireland’s Digital Champion and well-known film producer spoke of his vision of the future of TV in Ireland. He believes that today’s viewers have a cornucopia of choice and therefore trusted voices both in media and brands are and will become more and more important. Connected audiences expect flexible and instant access to great quality content and delivering that is the challenge for today’s broadcasters. Change, he says, is imperative for stability and with investment TV can look forward to an extraordinary and exciting future.