Adland v TV viewers

Date: 20/02/2014 | Comments

It is widely believed that people who work in Advertising/Media/Marketing are early adopters of new technology and prolific users of social media.

TAM Ireland  and Nielsen set out to discover how people who work in the advertising industry compare to the general viewing public and they uncovered some fascinating results
At the end of last year TAM Ireland invited people from the advertising/marketing/media world to participate in a survey. – They call these people “Adland”
They then compared the findings to the same information they have through Nielsen on the viewing public.
What was found was that Adlanders are unique in so many ways…..
Device Ownership
Just over 1 in 4 (28%)  TV Viewers have a Tablet in their home  while 3 in 4  (78%)  Adlanders do.
72% of TV viewers have a laptop in their home where 98% of Adlanders do.
Having a Smartphone in the home is well over 90% for both groups.
Internet Usage
What they use the internet for also differs greatly:
What they use the internet for also differs greatly:
Use Internet at home once a week or more for:
                                                                           Adland         TV Viewers
Watching TV programmes                                 57%           24%
Downloading music, films etc                          37%            20%
Purchasing goods & services                          42%               9%
Using a Facebook Account                               78%            59%
Using a Twitter Account                                     56%            14%
Use any other social media                             58%            14%
Use any social media while watching TV      68%             29%

As can be seen from the above chart Adlanders are far more profuse users of the internet for watching TV and using social media.

Social Media Activity

Looking specifically at daily usage of Social Media we find that Adlanders are 4 times more likely to use a Twitter Account daily than TV Viewiers  and almost 3 times more likely to dual screen (use a social  media account whilst watching TV).


It might be argued that Adlanders are a young corhort of people so the study also looks at this same behaviour among 15-34 year old and 25 – 44 year old TV viewers and found that there are still big differences in behaviour particularly in relation to Twitter and dual screening.


TV Reception and Time-shift viewing

When it comes to TV reception type 42% of Adland subscribe to Sky and 49% subscribe to UPC compared to Dublin TV Viewers  32%  of whom subscribe to Sky and 61% to UPC.

Time-shift viewing  is a popular choice for Adlanders:

66% of Adlanders claim to spend in excess of 30 mins daily time-shift viewing.  If we average out their claimed time-shift viewing  it amounts to 49 mins daily. We know from TAM Ireland/Nielsen data that Adults 15+ spend an average of 18 mins Time-shift viewing daily.

The  study shows a fascinating insight into the lives of the people who work in advertising and demonstrates a big divide in their technology, social media and TV viewing habits – they are a truly unique a group!

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