TAM Ireland - Audit of the Service

Date: 14/11/2013 | Comments
This year sees TAM Ireland’s contract with Nielsen in its 3rd year. At the half-way point of the seven-year term, TAM Ireland felt it was timely to perform a full audit of the service, examining all aspects of the television audience measurement process to ensure the service is meeting best practice and in-line with International standards.
To this end we employed the services of 4 experts who looked at:
- Establishment survey and panel representativeness
- Physical capturing of audience data via the peoplemeter
- Data collection, processing and quality controls 
- A full statistical review including the generation of TV ratings
The principal auditor Roger Gane presented the findings of the audit to the TAM Ireland board last week and reported that the service is in excellent health, very much in-line with international best practice and appropriate for the current environment in Ireland.
The overall positive nature of the audit was warmly welcomed by the board.
The statistical review was performed by RSMB. After a thorough examination of the ratings calculation process they stated that:
“RSMB are satisfied that the topā€line audience rating calculations produced by Nielsen are accurate and precise”
The board of TAM Ireland were very pleased with the outcome of the audit. Jill McGrath CEO of TAM Ireland said:
“The positive audit is a big endorsement of the service and a measure of the hard work put in by both Nielsen and the TAM Ireland Technical Committee to ensure the delivery of a service we can be proud of. We look forward to the next half of the contract period with great confidence in the TV measurement system”