One4All - Retail Week

Date: 17/10/2012 | Comments

With over €25 million worth of One4all Gift Cards in circulation, One4all wanted to get Ireland spending again with retail partners offering extra value on gift card redemptions across the inaugural Retail Week.


The Concept

TV3 were tasked with developing a bespoke 3SIXTY package to drive mass awareness of One4all’s first ever retail week as well as educating viewers about the concept of the week while also driving redemption of gift cards. To deliver upon these objectives, TV3 proposed a 5 day station takeover of both TV3 and 3e, week-long in-show promotions across TV3 home-produced programming, an Xposé outside broadcast, as well as digital and social media activity.


The Package Included

An Xposé Outside Broadcast featuring retail partners, coupled with Ireland AM features on Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Retail Partners, really brought the campaign messaging to life by targeting an already engaged audience.



One4All ran multiple promotions across TV3 home-produced programming including Ireland AM, Midday and Xposé to drive awareness of and engagement with Retail Week. These competitions resonated very well with TV3 viewers with strong entry levels across all - particularly Midday, which was its highest performing promotion in almost 12 months.



To drive mass awareness of Retail Week, One4all took ownership of TV3 Group by sponsoring all available programming on TV3 and 3e for 5 days across Retail Week. 10 second spots also ran in sponsored programming to ensure blanket coverage. The station takeover reached over 2.1 million individuals and over 60% of all Women, 53.8% of Adults aged 25-44 and 57% of Housekeepers with Kids.


TV3 rotated Retail Partner’s daily offerings across & Social Media as well as running a homepage takeover on to help launch the campaign. Social Media activity reached a total audience of 38,863 - an average of 3,863 people per posting while the Homepage Takeover delivered almost 65,000 page impressions.



- Participating retailers enjoyed a 60% increase in redemptions across the week

- All Retailers experienced a 44% increase in redemptions during Retail Week

- Retail week yielded over €500,000 in increased redemptions

- One4all enjoyed a 60% increase in traffic across the week

- 12% increase in One4all Facebook likes across the week



'We found the media partnership was the perfect way for us to deliver on our key objectives for the “Retail Week” initiative. We had a new and original message to get out there and having so many aspects to the partnership meant we were able to deliver on building awareness, informing and engaging a broad audience. Our biggest objective was to drive a large increase in redemptions of One4all Gift Cards into our retail partners by providing an incentive for One4all holders to get out and spend. We were delighted to report a 60% increase in One4all Gift Card redemptions for participating retail partners over the period of the initiative year on year. Our main call-to-action to view offers was to log on to our website and we saw a 62% in traffic to our site, with TV3 being our top referrer for the week'

Aoife Dave, One4all Group Marketing Manager