Kellogg's Field of Dreams Campaign

Date: 17/10/2012 | Comments

The Brief

Research showed that Kellogg’s is part of the fabric of Ireland and that emotional affinity has a unique impact on purchase intent. We needed a solution that brought Kellogg’s values of positivity, hopefulness and life affirmation to life.


The Solution

We knew our target was families who could share Kellogg’s values and wanted to pass on their wisdom to their children. They wanted them to understand what it is to be part of something and through this to not only be proud of themselves, but also their community and their country.

They want their children to walk tall.

Local sports clubs are the embodiment of these values for families. They deliver the pride, shared experience and passion that parents want their children to experience. The Kellogg’s Field of Dreams campaign was born out of this insight.

The activity captured and developed the passion at community level by inviting sports clubs to register, gather tokens and persuade the public to vote for them on the Kellogg’s Field of Dreams website and win €100,000 for new sports facilities. Our strategy was rooted in creating a local groundswell that would gain national momentum.

To deliver this, we used RTÉ’s key assets in a way that had never been done before. We used RTÉ personalities as advocates visiting sports clubs & creating content that was used in programme editorial both on television and radio, in digital and print and in television commercials that delivered a realistic home-made feel. RTÉ production facilities were used throughout, keeping cost to a minimum. The activity showed Kellogg’s true commitment to Irish families and communities and the Kellogg’s Field of Dreams became a national phenomenon.

The momentum built further as clubs sought to influence the public vote through Facebook pages, websites, blogs, YouTube videos, local media and community activity. Over €575,000 worth of earned media was created.

From the many entries, four regional finalists fought for public votes and the winner was announced in a four minute live show broadcast in the entire first break on RTÉ’s Late Late Show on a Friday night.


The Results

'The real success of this campaign has been how communities across Ireland have engaged with the activity due to the seamless and engaging way Carat developed the communication strategy' said Jim McNeil, Managing Director, Kellogg’s Ireland.

The campaign was hugely successful with over 250,000 people actively participating in the activity and over one million visits to the Field of Dreams website. The campaign grew sales by 5% (for participating Kellogg’s brands) in a market that was in decline.