TV Planning


TV works like no other media. It can charge emotions, educate and entertain & the mix of audio and visual give it that double sensory experience in an intimate setting that no other medium can match.


With so much change and development over the last number of years and with broadcasters continually breaking new ground on multiple platforms you can now reach more than 96% of the Irish population and target specific audiences effectively. Your TV campaign can reach as broad or as narrow an audience as is required. The TAM Ireland subscribing channels reach 69.5% of adults daily and 90.8% weekly. Each week the average Irish viewer sees over 319 ads on our channels and costs have reduced considerably over the last number of years making TV not just immensly powerful in terms of marketing a product or service, but also incredibly cost effective too.

TV’s power is in its ability to engage with viewers making it a formidable tool for brand building and changing perceptions about a brand. Working on its own or in conjunction with other media it drives home the message you want delivered to your target audience.


Media planning is about understanding what your campaign needs to achieve. When you have clear objectives in mind with measureable results then you can focus on reaching your perfect target audience.


Within the TV Basic section of this site we help you to understand the processes involved in getting your campaign to air, how to overcome challenges with budget and targeting and how to use other elements available to you on TV such as sponsorship and product placement.