Getting Started on TV


If you are thinking about advertising on TV for the first time, here are a few guidelines to help you get started:

Why TV?
TV is a high impact and cost effective medium for advertisers. It offers mass coverage, high awareness, flexibility and accountability, allowing advertisers to effectively target their audience in a cost efficient way. Commercial TV in Ireland offers opportunities for budgets of all sizes so read on to see how you can take the first steps to getting on air.
First Steps to Air:
1)  Appoint an Agency
Whatever your budget, we would advise using a reputable and recognised media agency who will help you plan a campaign to meet your business objectives. IAPI  gives a full list of creative and media specialists. You can also contact TV Stations directly for advice about getting on air (see contact details below).
2) Define Your Target Audience
The growth of multi-channel TV offers advertisers great flexibility and the opportunity to target both broad demographics (e.g. Housekeepers or Adults) as well as more niche audience groups (e.g. Adults 15-34). Airtime can be chosen to allow you to reach your chosen target audience as cost efficiently as possible.
3) Define your Budget
The cost of advertising on TV depends on a number of factors and answers to a range of questions:
    - Where? Which channels you want to use and which programmes you want to appear in?
    - When? What time of year and what time of day? 
    - Who? What audience are you targeting (broad or niche)?
    - How long? Length of commercial (30 second ads are most common)
Contacts at all the TV Stations will be happy to help answer all your questions:
Company                  Representing                                                 Email                                    
Medialink                  Ch4/E4                                                           
RTÉ                            RTÉ1, RTÉ2                                             
TV3                            TV3, 3e, Universal                                  
Sky                             Sky1, Sky2, Sky Atlantic,                                      
                                   Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, Sky Living                       
                                   Sky Sports News, Sky News, MTV,
                                   Nickelodeon, Nick Junior,
                                   Comedy Central, Comedy Central Extra,
                                   At the Races, Dave, Gold, Discovery,
                                   E! Entertainment                                    
UTV                            UTV                                                          
TG4                            TG4                                                          
Setanta                      Setanta Ireland                                      
Copy Clearance:
All Ad copy must be cleared in advance by TV Stations for transmission. The BAI General Communications Code sets out guidelines and restrictions for Irish Broadcasters in accordance with the Broadcasting Act of 2009.